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Author *Tim Clark   

Our Pit Bull Prancer went for her first stay with Cathy while we were going on a ten day trip. We only had Prance for two months after adopting her and she only had two training lessons . Needless to say my stress level was high not knowing how Prance would take us leaving for ten days. We talked to Cathy after about the fourth day in Prancer's stay, Cathy reassured us that everything was going great and Prance was adjusting well. After our vacation was done we returned to pick her up, Cathy was showing us pictures she had taken while we were away of Prancer's stay they were fantastic. From the looks of the photos Prancer was having fun, Cathy treated her like Prancer belonged to her, what a great feeling we had. Prancer will be going back for future stays on any of our future trips. Thanks Cathy for the great care and compassion you gave our darling girls.


Your training has made a world of difference! Thanks,
- Gary

Mary Cupani   

Lola took your puppy training class. I just wanted to thank you for starting us off on the right foot with training and send you a pic of her all grown up.
You are an amazing dog trainer and we learned so much from you and now she is a therapy dog! (She likes to sleep standing up!) Again, thank you!

Mary Cupani & Lola

Nicole Brunner   

Duke hasn't left my side in about 2 years and I was worried about taking him to a kennel but I am so amazed with Cathy and her staff. We ended up having a family emergency and we had to leave 2 weeks before he was scheduled to go and they took him in a heartbeat which meant a lot to me. I love that they took the time to get to know him and treated him like family. Duke will definitely be staying here anytime I can't take him along.

Elizabeth Dillon   

We got more than our money's worth from your program, Cathy!! I was very worried about Henry's future - he was so afraid of EVERYTHING!
We have now successfully met new dogs and people, the barking issue is much less of a problem, and I have learned that he will be a happier dog if I am his "alpha".

Rachel L.   

Cathy has been such a wonderful help with our German Shepherd! I was in the dark about how to handle a large breed dog, and she showed me the light! I had a LOT of questions and she was patient, welcoming, and listened to the concerns. She has this wonderful philosophy of teaching and the way she explained things made it click. She instantly connected with our dog, and our dog loves her! I had zero experience with dog training and my dog went on to earn her Star Puppy and Canine Good Citizenship certifications. I don't think this would have been possible without Cathy's help. My dog has boarded at the kennel as well, and I really love the fact that I know my dog is well taken care of when I am away. I love the kennel for the homey feel and the individual care that my dog gets. What could be any better than having your dog cared for by an excellent trainer and dog lover?

Joyce McKenzie   

We have trusted Cathy with our dogs in both training and boarding for a few years now. The pups couldn't be happier and and we couldn't be more grateful for all Cathy has done for us.

Beverly Lindsey   

I can attest to Cathy being knowledgeable, reliable, and very caring and kind to the dogs entrusted to her care. We went to one of her obedience classes 14 years ago for our yellow lab, Buttercup. Cathy’s training made the difference between us giving up the dog and having the most wonderful pet for 14 years. Buttercup recently passed away and we were heartbroken as she was a wonderful pet after receiving training. We recently purchased a black lab puppy which has been an enormous challenge due to her high energy and the fact that we are now 14 years older ourselves. We have taken her to puppy kindergarten at Cathy’s and to obedience classes. Our dog loves Cathy and we have felt comfortable utilizing her kennel when we are out of town. I highly recommend Hickory Grove Kennels and Cathy Peters!!!

Kelly Scherff   

I have been boarding my dog Gunther at Hickory Grove Kennels since he was born and he is now 7. When he was a puppy, I asked people at work who they trusted and my vet for recommendations on dog trainers and kennels. They all said Cathy Peters!! And they were from totally different areas. One north of Pittsburgh and one east of the city. I knew right then Cathy was the answer.

I feel blessed to have access to Cathy. She is a trained professional who is passionate about dogs. Gunther loves staying with her when we vacation - it's like a vacation for him too!

Julie Freeman   

Cathy is absolutely a dog whisperer. Over time, she has trained three of my dogs. All were "board and train" and have also been boarded on occasion. One of my dogs, Sammie, was deaf and she came home from training with Cathy knowing hand signals for communication. On a scale of 1-10, I'd give her a 100! Also, the dogs love going there to be in the beautiful wooded setting.

Beverly Lindsey   

Cathy, please know how much we value and appreciate your expertise with the dogs and your patience with the difficult ones. You are an inspiration and a great role model for us dog lovers!

Ron Dillon   

Cathy, Charley was a perfect gentleman at the Highland Games. He was a great ambassador for the Bearded Collies. Thanks for all your help!

Debbie Keegan - Bantry Bay Beardies   

Cathy is an awesome trainer and handler. I raise Champion Bearded Collies and she has been my trainer and handler since 1991. She put our first Championship on Finnie and has been our handler ever since. She also does all of our puppy evaluations both conformation and temperament for our breeding program. Her kennel is spotless and she walks the dogs twice a day. I would go nowhere else. I would not be one of the top breeders in the United States without her help. But most of all my dogs LOVE her and dogs do not lie. She is very professional and trains with "Love" as her treat. Thank Cathy for the many years of caring for our Beardies.


We have been taking our labradoodle to Cathy for training and boarding since he was 12 weeks old. He loves it! The training is not just for Manny, but for us as well. We have learned so much on how to deal with him as well as what to expect...and Manny is learning and growing into an awesome part of our family. And, we can board him with confidence knowing that he will have a great time and be safe and well taken care of. Thanks Cathy, you are one of a kind!

Meghan Hood   

We had our baby back in April and she's wonderful--Peeta has been really great with her and we've been thankful so many times in the last month that we trained with you before we had her.