Training at Hickory Grove is always done according to the nature of the dog. A balanced approach helps dog and owner truly communicate with each other to build a loving bond.

For those who cannot set aside regular training time for their pet, or otherwise feel the need to have the pet worked with professionally.

Group Classes
A fun and economical way to train a puppy for socialization. Also a great way to have an adolescent or older dog learn to become a welcomed member of the community. Classes are one hour per week.

NEW Puppy Socialization Classes
The first year of a puppy’s development is key to learning good behaviors that will lead to a well adjusted citizen of the community for the rest of their lives. These relaxed and informal teaching and learning sessions are designed to:
* Learn how to read your pup’s body language
* Use play time to socialize you pup to new canine and human friends
* Bring your questions to learn tips and tricks for raising a puppy

Private Lessons
A dedicated session can correct problems. This can be especially helpful for dogs that are distracted in a group setting.

coming soon

On-Demand Video Training

Do you have a busy life and cannot fit our group classes into your schedule? Try our new On-Demand Video Training sessions. They are effective, affordable and convenient. If you are in the area, you can combine the On-Demand training with the socialization and Q&A sessions.

On-Line Private Lessons
Take advantage of your Internet connection and video camera by attending a private lesson from the convenience of your home.