Virtual WebCam Training

What is Virtual Training?

Hickory Grove Kennels is preparing to deliver training that will allow almost anyone to receive personal and professional dog training services (both individual as well as group classes) in real time from the comfort of their own home.

The group classes we will offer in a webinar format and to attend a class, you will only need a computer or Tablet device (Windows, Android, or Apple) configured to run a Webinar over a broadband internet connection (no cost to you to install and configure the Webinar).

Individual training sessions require a computer or tablet with access to broadband internet and a video camera. During an individual session, I will be able to meet you and your dog visually on a one to one encounter using the internet, where we can discuss your dog training concerns. As a result of being able to see you and your dog in real time, I will be able to personally advise you of what you may be doing wrong and how to make corrections. Using the internet will enable you to actually have your dog present with you.

There will of course be some restrictions. However, I truly believe that a virtual training approach will conveniently give many people the opportunity to have their dog training issues addressed.

What is the cost?

Cost is always a factor with anything we do, especially in today’s economic environment. I have always tried to be fair and reasonable in pricing my services.

The cost for a course is the same as taking the course here at Hickory Grove Kennels. The advantage is you save on gas because you will not have to drive to the sessions. You and your dog can relax in convenience of your own home.

The cost of an individual training session is still being finalized.