One thought on “New Puppy Tips?

  1. New puppies can be a handful. Here are a couple things I recommend:
    1) If you are not breeding your dog, spay or neuter the pup. This will reduce the number of potential problems in the future.
    2) Either get a good an ID tag for your pups collar or microchip (better) the pup.
    3) Make sure he has a complete physical and vaccinations from a vet.
    4) Housebreak the pup.
    5) Socialize the pup with other people and pets.
    6) Train the pup so he or she knows their boundaries.
    7) Make your home and car puppy proof. Secure electrical cords and toxins; I recommend crate train the pup. Your pup will need to learn what and where is safe and what can be harmful.

    Most important remember to have fun and play with your pup, but you are the pack leader. You, and not the puppy, makes the rules.

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